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How Did Vaping Slip Through The Cracks?

From Ship to Shore: A Column by Times Publisher John Derby

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Times Publisher John Derby

Normally, it would have taken years for a product like vaping to pass through the riggers to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Department; however, many felt it was the answer to getting people to quit smoking.

Now the country is just starting to see the ugly head of the snake.

The names and flavors of the products should have given us a hint as to the vaping market.

Bubble gum, fruit and candy flavors were not the names which attracted adults to vaping. These names were a net to catch our youth.

Nicotine was the bait, and the tax income from the vaping products allowed government to shut its eye toward a product which had the potential of doing so much harm.

Even today, no one seems to want to take the blame for the quick rise in popularity and the potential damage that vaping may do. The most immediate damage seems to be for older adults who have already smoked most of their lives.

Then there is the potential of vaping as a stepping stone to smoking full time. It is amazing that the government which is supposed to protect us from killing ourself, allows smoking which kills more people than cancer. The cigarette taxes continue to fill the coffers of government. Why stop their use?

Nicotine, in any form, is far more addicting then other drugs like heroin or cocaine. It not only affects the user, but others who surround that user. It affects the unborn child. It is poison to our body.

Smoking was hard enough to track on the school grounds, but vaping with a different odor, or lack of odor, can be used in a bathroom and rarely is there the tell-tale sign.

Kids think vaping is fun. They think it is the in thing. The vaping advertising campaign makes it look like it is just a harmless thing like chewing gum.

Then suddenly the statistics start adding up. One death here, another in the next state or closer, the next town. Who is supposed to keep the figures on the cause of death? More lung and respiratory  problems start increasingly showing up in our hospitals.

Now we have another full fledged epidemic. Where was our Department of Health? Where was our Surgeon General?

There are No Smoking signs all over the place.  When will they be changed to No Vaping signs?

How about starting right NOW!

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