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Honeymoon Couple Just Made Stop In My Area Of Mexico

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Times Publisher John Derby

I spend almost every nice morning rowing my boat around beautiful Conception Bay, or Bahía Concepción, as it is known in Mexico, on the Gulf of California.

For the last few trips, Sport, my Mexican rescue dog, just jumped right into the boat. We went over to a secluded beach and he ran up and down.

The other day, I was taking him to the beach, and there was a nice young couple with their dog paddling to the same beach.I asked if our dogs could play and they said “yes.”

The two had a great time, so good that they did not want to stop.

The couple were just married a month ago and were on their honeymoon. They were both Christians, and the woman was a professional singer who had sung around the world and just cut a new album.

Before I knew it, I was inviting them to dinner, and after dinner, I asked them to stay the night.

They were camping in van and had not bathed in a week. They thanked me for the use of my shower and the real bed for the night.

The next day, they were going to head south; however, when I asked them if they wanted to see the islands off the coast, they said “yes.”

We had a great time and I forgot to check the gas and actually ran out. Fortunately I am a good swimmer and we were not that far from shore. I towed the boat to shore and met a friend who gave me gas.

They stayed that night too, and we played our guitars and sang. We promised we would meet again. They were a wonderful couple from Oceanside, California. They had no timetable; just staying as long as their money held out.

Whatever happened to the lovers who would do that?

Why are we all so locked into our lives and can not take the time to love like this young couple?

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