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Historic Society makes a hit with Western BBQ / Auction


This was the 29th Annual Bill Kirby Western BBQ/Auction and for the Merced County Historical Society the biggest fundraiser of the year. This year the turnout was spectacular.

Clearly Merced County loves its Historical Society and the job it is doing to preserve the history of the county. Each year the small staff led by Sarah Lim provides amazing exhibits at the Courthouse Museum for the public, centered around the history of the county. These all require cost which is far and above the budget of the Historical Society.

Over 320 guests showed up Sept. 10 at Lake Yosemite in support of the Historical Society for the Annual BBQ and Auction. Servers from Golden Valley High School FFA had appetizer trays waiting and a full display of the silent and live auction items were laid out on tables.

Many of these people who attended were old friends and the air was light with laughter. In the background, the sounds of Evening Edition featured Maxwell Norton on sax, Jesse Gonzales on guitar, and John Flores on keyboard.

The bar was well tended by Neil Morse, Grey Roberts, and Berna Lucas.

The sound was provided by Tig Bigler of Cen-Cal Events and he always does such an outstanding job.

Although he is young but very seasoned, auctioneer Connor Erickson helped the Historical Society raise some good money. The biggest prize of the night was a spring dinner at Kathleen Crookham’s McCorry Ranch and the successful bidders were Tim Razzari and Grey Roberts.

One important factor which made the event so great this year was the very pleasant weather. In past years, it had been too windy or too hot; however, this year it was 75 to 80 degrees, perfect for the crowd.

The menu included Bill Kirby’s chuckwagon bean recipe, prime rib, chicken, sliced ripe tomatoes, salad, and cookies for dessert. That is if you didn’t happen to buy one of the pies or cakes which were part of the dessert sale.

A special note of thanks goes to all those who participated in this event, specially the chefs Dave McComb, John Pedrozo, Bob Souza, and Jim Cunningham. If you missed it, then please make it next year as keeping the history of the county alive is extremely important.

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