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‘Higher Education’ not smarter



Upon reading “ICE Out of Merced” (Op/ED, Oct. 31 edition) I was sickened to realize how much the State of California has declined under the rule of the Democratic Party.

First, the writer (Ms. Golash-Boza) failed to note that she is advocating for the protection of illegal immigrants who are criminals and that Sheriff Vern Warnke is an elected official who is sworn to protect citizens of Merced County by arresting criminals; criminals are defined as those individuals who break the law. Further, the sheriff is sworn to uphold ALL of the laws of the State of California.

When a person crosses the border illegally, that person is breaking the law. They are actually breaking a Federal law which every elected official is sworn to obey. Unfortunately, in my experience, the illegal immigrant may have also broken several other laws to earn the attention of ICE.

Apparently, Ms. Golash-Boza believes her education in sociology allows her to differentiate good laws from bad laws and to decide which laws must be obeyed. I was always taught that ALL laws had to be obeyed, but then I’m not a professor.

The incidence of petty crime has escalated to record levels due, I believe, to the fact that selective enforcement of the law doesn’t allow prosecution of “minor” theft (less than $900) — because there is so much theft.

I always wondered in whose mind it was logical to believe that the way to lessen crime was to not prosecute those crimes which are so prevalent that they become the norm of society. Ms. Golash-Boza’s Op/Ed piece at least answered that question for me: When illegal immigration became the norm, no one dares to call it a crime.

Vern Warnke was elected by the people of Merced County to do a specific job: protect the citizens and arrest the criminals. I guess I’m not educated enough to understand why Sheriff Warnke would need more than 6 1/2 minutes to explain that his job is to protect all of the citizens of Merced County and to arrest the criminals who prey on those citizens and/or break the laws of the county, state and/or country.

I’m proud to have a sheriff who does his job and doesn’t feel that is necessary to apologize for doing that which he was elected to do.

Mike Bettencourt is a business owner/farmer and a fifth generation native of Merced County.

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