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Here’s a chance to say: ‘I Shot With The Sheriff’

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office mascot Roscoe.
The Merced County Sheriff’s Office mascot Roscoe.

The Los Banos Tiger Trap Team, in association with the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, will be holding its fourth annual trap shooting fundrasier — “I Shot With The Sheriff” on April 13, starting at 10 a.m., at the Los Banos Sportman’s Club.

Cost is $50 for 50 targets, and that includes BBQ lunch, games, a raffle and prizes!

Competitors must provide their own 12 or 20 guage shotgun and ammo.

This year the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, Dive Team, K-9 Unit, and Air Squadron will be on scene for demonstrations and possibly participate in the competition. There will be a staging area for the Sheriff’s Office equipment and helicopter along with areas for invited vendor’s.

All proceeds will support the Tiger Trap Team, a nonprofit NRA sponsored and funded sports organization dedicated to teaching fundamentals of gun safety and skill development for clay shooting sports.

The group teaches students from ages 10 to 18 about the competitive sport that takes a lot of dedication, determination, mental preparedness and self-discipline. About 105 kids are participating in the program.

Some families in the program have a hard time coming up with the funds to travel to trap meets and purchase guns for the sport. The idea of the fundraiser is to raise funds to offset the costs of travel and equipment.

“The, ‘I Shot with the Sheriff’ fundraiser is the perfect way for the community to learn about gun safety and have some fun,” said Daryl J. Allen, a sheriff’s deputy and organizer of the event. “The fundraiser gives the families a chance to come out to the Los Banos Sportsman’s Club to interact and ask questions with the local law enforcement and first responders. Deputies and first responders will have the opportunity to interact with the public and shoot shotguns with community members. …

“Truthfully, the competitiveness set by the tiger trap team kids against law enforcement is quite comical because the team members practice their skill set on a weekly basis. And according the team members, ‘law enforcement and first responders tend to get their butts kicked,’ and ‘don’t stand a chance.’ The team members say they are looking forward to the challenge. It makes for a fun day when the children can say they, ‘Shot with the Sheriff!’”

If you would like to sponsor this fundraiser or make a donation, please contact Daryl Allen at 209-564-0480 or email: [email protected] Any other support, including volunteer coaching, or if you have any other questions, please give him a call.

The Los Banos Sportman’s Club is located at 13989 N. Mercey Springs Road in Los Banos.

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