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Goodnight To City’s Landmark Water Tank


Drivers along Highway 99 and residents in south Merced this week have been witnessing the demolition of a 300,000-gallon water tank located above the northwest corner of W. 12th Street and Canal Street.

The water tank was 148 feet in height, 40 feet in diameter, and bore a sign that announced Merced as the home of UC Merced.

The water tank, first installed in 1934, originally helped to maintain pressure in the city’s water system. In 2016, the tank was disconnected from the operating well on-site, known as Well 3C, and it no longer played a role in the city’s water supply and storage.

The big tank’s removal is expected to improve access to the well and related equipment, and reduce the risk of subsidence and seismic hazards on the site.

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