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Former Mercedian gladly returns home to promote Park Merced, Mission Gardens 

There’s an understanding that each of the residents is an individual with unique needs
and experiences. The goal is to promote this individuality and maximize
independence, always making health and safety a top priority.

Tina Hoptry,
Community Relations director,
Amie Marchini Senior Care


When Tina Hoptry was a teenager at Merced High School, she remembers being very active in school activities like cheerleading, and even playing the part of the Bear mascot at rallies and sporting events. 

Those were exciting days surrounded by classmates; however, the young Hoptry also found time after school to share some special moments with a group of people she cherished: seniors in the community — particularly those living in care facilities near the MHS campus. 

“I would go visit them, sometimes every day, at places like Hylond, the Franciscan and Villa Del Rey,” she recalls. “I made many friends, and some became my adopted grandparents.” 

Today, Hoptry’s life appears to have come full circle. 

After raising a family and enjoying a successful career in the Bay Area, she has returned to town as the new Community Relations Director for Amie Marchini Senior Care, which includes Mission Gardens and Park Merced assisted living centers.   

“I’m really happy and glad to be back in Merced, renewing old friendships and building new ones,” she says. 


Tina Hoptry


Over the years, Hoptry has developed extensive experience in the senior living industry, specifically in the Assisted Living and Memory Care fields. She is well known for her ability to connect seniors to the best living situation possible. Her work in the senior living world also includes extensive involvement within the communities that she serves.  

The one thing she loves about Amie Marchini’s Park Merced and Mission Gardens is that she can clearly see the primary focus is the care and wellbeing of all the residents. 

“The focus is on what the resident can do, and not on what they cannot,” she points out. “There’s an understanding that each of the residents is an individual with unique needs and experiences. The goal is to promote this individuality and maximize independence, always making health and safety a top priority.”

Of course, the ongoing pandemic is causing concern and prompting new safety strategies in care facilities across the nation. Nevertheless, according to Hoptry, the need for quality assisted living care for seniors continues, perhaps more so in today’s environment.

Seniors need to be protected from community spread of the virus. They need a clean, sanitized and healthy environment — one that includes medication management, nutritious daily meals without having to travel for groceries, safe interaction with fellow residents and health care providers, and family visits with all the protocols and precautions in place. 

“For many families, we are providing peace of mind,” Hoptry adds. “Our job is to take over the caregiver role while family members can still be the husband or wife, the brother or sister, and the son or daughter. We provide plenty of supplies and specialized programs so it’s very different that having a senior sit at home all alone by themselves and getting depressed.”

Hoptry started working as a bank teller in high school and worked her way up. She was employed by County Bank and the Merced Bank of Commerce. She later worked for Merced County Mental Health Services, the county’s General Services, and as a typist clerk for the Board of Supervisors. She obtained a California Life and Health Insurance license and worked for Colonial Life for a time. More recently, she has worked in the senior living industry in the Bay Area, including at a retirement community in Antioch. 

Hoptry is married with three grown children — two daughters who are elementary school teachers in Merced, and one son who serves as an officer in the Roseville Police Department. 

Contact Tina Hoptry, community relations director, by phone at (209) 722-3944 or 384-3300; or by email at: [email protected]

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