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Fifth annual Schelby School Prom returns to Livingston


More than 70 students from several Merced County Office of Education Special Education programs attended a formal dance in their honor at Schelby School on Friday, April 29.

The Schelby School Prom gave students an afternoon full of glamor and fun activities with the theme of Hollywood.

“Students from preschool through transition had a great time getting together as a group for the first time since COVID began,” said Program Coordinator for Schelby School Lissa Mitchell.

According to Mitchell, the Schelby School Prom is typically held annually, but this is the first event since 2019.

Put together by the Schelby School staff with help from the Merced Downtown Transition Center and Delhi Education Park, the occasion featured traditional prom activities that involved music, dancing and the crowning of the prom king and queen.

Erik Maldonado was voted prom king and Damaris Carillo was voted prom queen; both are graduates this year. The prom king and queen are chosen through votes from school staff.

This is the fifth Schelby School Prom.

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