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‘FARM2U’ to educate 3,500 young students in Merced County

The Merced County Farm Bureau (MCFB) will be hosting the 8th Annual FARM2U Day at the Merced County Fairgrounds on Thursday, Oct. 10.

More than 3,500 third-grade students, teachers and parents from throughout Merced County will visit with presenters in hopes of learning about how their food and fiber is grown in Merced County. They will also receive helpful information about how to make healthy and nutritious decisions daily.

FARM2U Day was created to give students an opportunity to interact with farmers, ranchers and anyone who works within the food supply chain or natural resources. Specific topics will include plant production, livestock production, processing, and nutrition. For some of these students in attendance FARM2U Day will be their first interaction with someone in the farming community.

“In the midst of the some of the most challenging times of California agriculture, MCFB and our dedicated sponsors understand the critical need to engage and excite the leaders and consumers of tomorrow,” said Executive Director Breanne Ramos.

She continued, “FARM2U gives us in agriculture the hope that the community will realize what they have in their backyard, and how this can be used to raise healthy students in Merced County.”

FARM2U Day is not open to the public, but MCFB welcomes sponsors to stop by, check-in at the front desk and take a tour of this exciting event. For more information about FARM2U or volunteering contact Breanne Ramos at 723-3001 or [email protected]

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