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Election update reveals new numbers, more counting

As of the Merced County Times press time this week, there were provisional and conditional voter registration ballots still remaining to be counted, according to county officials. They also indicated that some ballots were under review for issues related to the signature verification process.

The opening and extraction of all verified Vote By Mail envelopes, and the tabulation of those ballots was completed Monday. Unofficial Election Results were updated accordingly to reflect 9,542 ballots tabulated on Monday.

The reconciliation of polling place rosters continued earlier this week. This process reconciles the number of ballots provided to a polling precinct against the number of both voted and spoiled ballots and reconciles the number voted with the number of signatures on the roster and on Provisional/Conditional ballot envelopes. Upon completion of this process, voters’ signatures will be drafted into the election management system to update voter participation history.

The review of the Provisional/Conditional ballot envelopes also began earlier this week.

Letters for outreach to voters whose signature on the VBM envelope does not match their registration signature on record were completed last Friday. Voters receiving the challenged letter must complete and return the letter to the Elections office so that their signature can be again reviewed. A number of voters have already completed and returned their previously issued letters.

The random selection of precincts for the 1 percent manual tally was held as scheduled and the manual tally process began on Monday. This process requires that votes in 1 percent of the precincts, selected at random by the elections official, and in one precinct for each race not included in the randomly selected precincts, be manually tallied. This procedure is conducted during the official canvass to verify the accuracy of the automated count.

Finally, payroll processes are underway to initiate payments to the more than 600 poll workers, field team members, and others who worked to support the election last Tuesday. On Election Day, they were also supported by the Merced City Police Explorers and the Los Banos Police Vitals. These teams worked to assist in traffic control and in the unloading, loading, and checking in of equipment and election material on Election Night. Their assistance is invaluable and their commitment to these processes and the work was appreciated.

The unofficial Election Day result may be viewed at the Merced Elections webpage or from the Merced County main webpage.

The canvass will continue until complete.

Here were the results as of Monday, March. 9:

County Supervisor, Dist. 1

Rodrigo Espinoza: 2,361 votes, 50.2 percent

Sonia Alshami: 2,288 votes, 48.6 percent

County Supervisor, Dist. 2

Lee Lor: 4,197 votes, 38.6 percent

Josh Pedrozo: 3,161 votes, 29.08 percent

Angel Barragan: 1,940 votes, 17.85 percent

Ricky Aguilera: 1,513 votes, 13.92 percent

County Supervisor, Dist. 4

Lloyd Pareira: 4,899 votes, 70 percent

Mario Mendoza: 2,051 votes, 29.3 percent

Measure J, Merced College

(55 percent vote required)

NO: 19,715 votes, 54.32 percent

YES: 16,581 votes, 45.68 percent

Measure P, El Nido Elementary School

(55 percent vote required)

YES: 96 votes, 61.54 percent

NO: 60 votes, 38.46 percent

Measure Q, El Nido Elementary School

(55 percent vote required)

YES: 89 votes, 58.17 percent

NO: 64 votes, 41.83 percent

Measure R, Le Grand H.S.

(55 percent vote required)

YES: 509 votes, 51.99 percent

NO: 979 votes, 48.01 percent

Measure K, City of Merced

(Majority vote required)

YES: 7,863 votes, 65.10 percent

NO: 4,215 votes, 34.9 percent

Measure L, City of Merced

(Majority vote required)

YES: 7,552 votes, 62.78 percent

NO: 4,477 votes, 37.22 percent

Measure M, City of Merced

(Majority vote required)

YES: 9,746 votes, 80.72 percent

NO: 2,328 votes, 19.28 percent

Measure O, City of Atwater

(2/3 Vote Required)

YES: 2,907 votes, 59.21 percent

NO: 2,003 votes, 40.79 percent

Editor’s note: A subhead in an election story published in last week’s Merced County Times and Atwater-Winton Times incorrectly indicated Measure O was OK’d by voters. At present the YES vote tally falls way short of a 2/3 majority needed for the measure to pass.

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