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Duarte vs. Gray predictably close

Garcia Rose keeps up with incumbent Soria in State Assembly race

Adam Gray speaks to supporters at his campaign headquarters on Main Street in downtown Merced.
Adam Gray speaks to supporters at his campaign headquarters on Main Street in downtown Merced.


It was a nail-biter when they first went head-to-head in the 2022 election, so now that Congressman John Duarte (R-Modesto) and challenger Adam Gray were back facing each other in the Primary Election on Tuesday, did we think the results would be anything but close?

The unofficial election results for the entire district on Tuesday evening had Duarte up by only a few thousand votes. Duarte had 24,112 votes, or 54.4 percent of the total vote, compared to Gray’s 20,183, or 45.6 percent.

The 13th Congressional District includes all of Merced County, and parts of Stanislaus, Fresno, and San Joaquin Counties.

In Merced County, Gray’s hometown region, Duarte had 9,455 votes, or 52 percent, and Gray had 8,653, or 47.6 percent.

In 2022, Gray, a Democrat and former State Assemblyman, lost in the Dist. 13 Congressional contest to Duarte, who won by only 564 votes, or less than half a percentage point.

Gray was at his campaign headquarters in downtown Merced on Tuesday night with a crowd of supporters.

“I’m feeling great,” he told the Times. “I mean it’s exciting to be out here on Election Night, but obviously we have a long way to go. Both John and I will advance to the November election, but just with the enthusiasm and energy in this campaign, there are more people just pouring out to help than I’ve ever seen.

“I think people are just fed up with what is going on in Washington and they’re fed up with the negativity in politics.

“I want to thank everyone for their support and those who went out to vote, but I want to remind everyone that they still need to get out in November. Whether you’re a Democrat, an Independent, or a Republican, we all have to get out and have our voice heard by casting our vote. I appreciate everyone’s support and hard work, and I’m looking forward to the general election.”

Duarte was reportedly in Washington this week, and as of Wednesday morning he had not released a statement on the Primary Election results.


Garcia Rose vs. Soria
is going neck-to-neck

As of Wednesday morning, Joanna Garcia Rose, an Atwater business management specialist who works for the state, was slightly ahead of first-term incumbent Esmeralda Soria (D-Fresno) in the race to lead the District 27 seat in the State Assembly.

District-wide, Garcia Rose, a Republican, had 15,201 votes, or 50.6 percent, compared to Soria’s 14,845 votes, or 49.4 percent.

In Merced County alone, Soria was only a few votes ahead of Garcia Rose. Soria had 8,002 votes, or 49.92 percent of the vote, compared to Garcia Rose’s 7,991 votes, or 49.85 percent.

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