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Dragaret Sequel Arrives For Merced Fans

Celebrate inclusivity and support local arts programs by attending Dragaret at the Arts Center in Merced.
Celebrate inclusivity and support local arts programs by attending Dragaret at the Arts Center in Merced.

After an incredibly warm reception for a first-ever production last October, “Dragaret” is returning to the Multicultural Arts Center (MAC) in Merced on Saturday, April 16.

VIP tables, as well as general admission tickets, are still available for this fundraising show for the MAC. A glass of wine and dessert are included with each ticket. Doors open at 6PM.

If you love or even slightly appreciate the performing arts, this is the show for you. Created and produced by Central Valley natives, G.B. Blackmon III and Katy Uyeno, this show offers an amazing opportunity for community members to both experience as well as perform in something new to this area.

So, what exactly is Dragaret? As the name implies, it is a fusion between drag and cabaret. There will be a variety of drag queens, ensemble dance numbers, poets, as well as local singers — all given the stage at this event. It is a wide variety of elements coming together to celebrate the arts, our community, as well as ourselves.

So, be prepared for vivid, vivacious, and varied performances. Also, don’t be shy to tip the performers.

“I love the mix of drag and theatricality — and great desserts,” says Bethy Hermelin, a producer of the event. “It is a very unique experience. There is something for everyone.”

Dragaret was developed and founded on the premise of inclusivity as well as diversity. Regardless of your age, body-type, or demographic, Dragaret welcomes local residents with open arms and encourages them to join in on the festivities.

“That’s why we do this,” Blackmon says, “to have a platform for people to feel more comfortable in their own skin and to celebrate themselves.”

Haley Paulissian, a producer and performer in the show, adds: “It’s something Merced needs. … It’s more accessible for other crowds. It’s for everyone. UC students, or anyone roughly our age, cannot necessarily attend fundraisers and help out the community in ways they would like to, but this is another way to support local art. We want to see all walks of people come together.”

Some of the featured artists are Alanna Pillay, Amari Pillay, Silvanna Daniels, Calila Cabrona, Seven Year Sleep, Ruby Slipher, and Yuka Gedit.

The MAC is located at 645 W. Main Street in downtown Merced. For tickets as well as more information, call 388-1090, or go online at:

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