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Downtown Merced now has a ‘Pretty Good Burger’

Pretty Good Burger, the newest burger joint in Downtown Merced, celebrated its first late-night pop-up event recently at its location at 439 W. Main St.

“It’s pretty good!” Eli Torres, co-owner of the restaurant, expressed about the food.

The menu consists of a variety of different “smash” beef burgers, a vegan burger, grilled cheese, macaroni salad, fries, and special sauces.

Crowds gathered around as the restaurant opened its doors and began taking its first orders. Employees happily served their orders and asked for feedback on their meals as costumers finished.

More than once a bell was rung to proclaim the excitement and positivity on a delicious meal!

“As soon as we get a flow of things, we’ll be hiring a team and open to the public with regular business hours,” Robert Benson, co-owner of the restaurant explained.

You can follow the restaurant for the latest news on future late-night pop-ups online through Instagram: @prettygoodburgers.

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