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Don Johnson: A man with a dream for Americans, Mexicans, travelers


This is a story about one man and his dream to bring people to Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico, so they will know how special it is.

His dream was to build the finest quality hotel and restaurant — 600 miles south of the border.

His name is Don Johnson, an American who fell in love with a beautiful young Mexican woman called Nancy. She was the daughter of the Mayor of Mulege when Johnson tried to persuade her to marry him.

With much difficulty, and bringing the Bishop all the way from La Paz, he was finally able to marry her, and the couple brought three lovely daughters into the world — all of whom grew up and had a passion for the hotel and restaurant called Serenidad.

Don Johnson passed away at the age of 95 in September of 2020; however, the Serenidad continued under the management of his three daughters: Sara Laura, Sandra, and Diana.

Recently, in grand traditional Mexican style, Don Johnson’s life was celebrated at the Serenidad. People were invited to join in the celebration from far and wide. There was a special service at the small chapel which Don Johnson built for his wife. There was also one of the famous Pig Roasts, a mariachi band and more speeches and a photo shoot.

Nothing was spared as they gave this man who made history in Mexico a royal send off.

The daughters said their father was a man of joy and vitality, and they wanted the celebration to be one which was a memory of the way he dedicated his life.

Special guests flew in from all over, landing at the airport next to the Serenidad Hotel.

The Serenidad was beautiful, and reminded people of the early days when it was very popular for tourists.

When Covid hit Mexico it took its toll and forced the closure of the Hotel and Restaurant for four months; however, when it reopened many new improvements had been made including new furnishings in the dining area, as well as other areas.

A decision had been made by the three daughters to keep the legacy of their parents alive. While difficult, all three would participate in the running of the Serenidad. Sometimes that meant only a few days or a week at a time by each of the daughters who had families to care for in Tijuana and Chula Vista.

They saw to it that they had an excellent chef in Juan Gabriel, and Alma Meza managed the scheduling groups and reservations. Roman, who had served as bartender for 40 years, was still serving customers at the bar. An excellent staff greeted each and every guest.

There would be nights with music, and about once a month, they would keep the Pig Roast alive.

Doctors Without Borders made regular fly-ins, as did many other pilots. Plus, in the summer months, there was a surprising increase in the Mexican people taking advantage of the charming hotel.

Service is a byword at the Serenidad following the tradition that Don Johnson set over 60 years ago.

If we are any judge, the Hotel Serenidad and its restaurant will be here to serve its customers for many years to come.

You are invited to come and join this historic place which has such an excellent reputation of Mexican hospitality.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Reservations can be made by emailing [email protected], or by calling 615 53 0530, or going to online messaging at: WHATSAPP 615 10 99312.

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