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Did John Wayne And I Sleep In The Same Bed?

John Wayne did stay in the same motel that I stayed in on the way south through Baja California, Mexico.

Too many people tell the same story to all be wrong. Besides, his signed picture hangs on the wall of the restaurant.

The motel is called Celito Linda located near San Cantin half way down Baja on the Pacific coast, so I usually stay there, and dream of days when the motel was in its blaze of glory.

John Wayne loved nothing more than fishing and there were plenty of fish off the coast in his day.

Today the motel is kind of run down but the rooms are very large and so are the beds. There are only 10 rooms in the motel and they still have the original marble floors. There were actually three beds in my room, and one could hear the pounding of the ocean outside.

The last time I stayed in the motel, I had their specialty of the house for dinner: Crab Claws, cooked in butter and paprika sauce with the chef’s secret spices. And would the chef tell you the secret of his spices? Not a chance.

The rooms still only had hot water at night so if you wanted to get the road grime off before going to bed better do it at night.

There is no wi-fi or television in the room, better bring a good book.

If John Wayne actually slept in this room, I wonder which bed he used?

Since there are three, I may have to try all three, just to make sure.


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