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Courthouse Museum honors volunteer docents with awards luncheon


The Merced County Courthouse Museum wouldn’t be in operation if it weren’t for the hard work of volunteer docents who put in plenty of hours every week to help visitors enjoy local history.

So every year, the Historical Society hosts a luncheon to honor the volunteers with awards and recognition. The pandemic of 2020 put a hold on last year’s event, so this year they were catching up a bit.

  • Longtime volunteer Timmie Bressler was given the 2019 Legacy Circle Award for her 1,164 hours at the museum
  • The 2019 Above and Beyond Awards (100+ hours) were given to Judi Arthur, Kathy Brady, Timmie Bressler, Belinda Burnett, Jeff Chiesa, Karen Chastain, Durell Ewing, Geri Freer, Tom Gaffery, DonnaLee Hartman and Roberta Saling.
  • The 2020 Above and Beyond Awards (100+ hours) were given to Geri Freer and Tom Gaffery.
  • The 2020 Loyalty Awards (30+ hours) were given to Kathy Brady, Timmie Bressler, Durell Ewing and Geri Freer.
  • 2019 Loyalty Awards (30+ hours) were given to Richard Albright, Mike Alexander, Gabby Andrade, Vincent Andrade, Judi Arthur, Anne-Marie Bandoni, Judy Bradley, Kathy Brady, Timmie Bressler, Rosemary Bunce, Belinda Burnett, Michle Burroughs, Jeff Chiesa, John Carlos, Karen Chastain, Cara Cometta, Durell Ewing, Geri Freer, Avis Gaffery, Tom Gaffery, Serg George, Joyce Hambley, DonnaLee Hartman, Vivian Knepel, Liam Knight, Dorothy Knox, Jerry Kohn, Linda Kohn , Julie Marchini, Peggy Merritt, Anthony Ochoa, Charlotte Pavelko, Ron Pirtle, Roberta Saling, Marilyn Silva, Mary Jo Stavros and Steve Welch.
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