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County’s first cannabis retailer to open doors in Atwater

Medallion Wellness
Medallion Wellness

Medallion Wellness will host a grand opening event this Saturday, Sept. 28, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., celebrating the opening of the county’s first cannabis retail store, located in Atwater.

The company describes the new store as “a safe, beautiful, and inviting place for the community to purchase a vast array of cannabis products for recreational and medical use.”

The new location — at 341 Business Park Way — is just off Highway 99, making it easily accessible to all members of the surrounding community.

Medallion representatives say they worked closely with city officials to ensure the new store is a positive addition to the community.

“We are extremely appreciative of having the opportunity and privilege to set the standard on behalf of the cannabis industry for the residents of Merced County,” a company spokesperson told the Times. “We understand that for many people, there has been a long standing stigma associated with the cannabis industry in general. We make it our foremost priority, along with the health and safety of our customers, vendors, and employees, to establish a positive atmosphere in our stores and culture in our business practices, based on strong values and principles, which we hope will reflect the best of what the cannabis industry has to offer.”

Medallion Wellness is an experienced cannabis operator with successful existing operations which have been ongoing in North Modesto since 2016. The business is wholly owned and managed by Michael O’Leary.

Company officials say Atwater’s pro-business attitude and the facility’s central location were key to Medallion’s decision to open a second location in the city. A third location in Merced is also in the works.

Mayor Paul Creighton affirmed the city’s decision to allow regulated cannabis businesses due to the “economic advantage they will bring the community” along with Atwater’s demonstrated commitment to supporting local businesses.

City Manager Lori Waterman said: “Atwater is pleased to welcome Medallion Wellness as a new community business partner, and wish them much success.”

The company spokesperson also said: “We’d like to offer a very special thanks to City Council member Brian Raymond, Mayor Paul Creighton, City Manager Lori Waterman, Building Department Director Mark Pereida and Police Chief Michael Salvador for all of their diligence, understanding, and courtesy in administering the process to get us approved. This has included exchanging correspondence on holidays and after hours in order to meet important deadlines and we could not be happier with our reception to the Atwater business community. …

“The city is in great hands with leaders who care a great deal about supporting local businesses, including cannabis businesses in order to drive the economy and bring services to improve the safety and wellbeing of Atwater’s residents.

The Times submitted questions to the company about details of the new store and its products. Here are some of the questions and answers:

What are the main things you want local customers to know about your new dispensary?

“We pride ourselves on offering not only the most highly sought after California Cannabis brands, but also the highest level of customer service possible. When you come to any of our locations you are guaranteed to be greeted with a smile in a welcoming atmosphere, and will have the benefit of the vast knowledge our sales representatives when choosing which products best fit your needs and desires.”

What makes Medallion Wellness different than other dispensaries?

We consider each and every one of our customers a part of the Medallion Family. So interactions between our team members and customers is more than just a transaction. People often travel from outside of the City/County where they live to come see us, and we know this is a result of the great products and service we offer, but most importantly because of the relationships we are fortunate to have been able to develop with each and every one of our customers.

What would you tell an experienced cannabis customer, or a new cannabis customer, about going to a dispensary for the first time — especially if they feel a little timid about how to ask for things, etc.?

“To experienced and new cannabis customers alike: We do a great deal of due diligence with respect to the brands and products on offer, often times visiting farms and manufacturing facilities to verify quality assurance. Our Sales Reps (Budtenders) often participate in Vendor Demo’s and receive information and training for all products we carry. All of our products are clean, lab tested and certified to be free of contamination, with a documented chain of custody to prove it.

“So when it comes to questions about the quality, appropriate dosing, or the effect and experience that comes with partaking in any given product, the sales representatives you meet at our store are a great source of information to help you make an informed decision.

“Don’t be shy, there are no wrong or right questions!”

“We encourage our customers to ask as many questions as they like before making a decision to purchase.”

Any specialty products that are best sellers, or products you want to promote?

“We are currently carrying the following premiere brands: Pacific Dub, Lyfted Farms, Clearly California, Canndescent, Space Monkeys, Fade Co, Select, Heavenly Sweets, Kings Garden, Dabbolicious, Winberry, Royal Tree, Summit Boys.”

Can you gives a general idea of price ranges for various things?

“We carry a wide array of quality products with selections priced to match every budget. We do our best to keep our prices competitive with our licensed competitors but also with unlicensed operations in order to encourage consumers to buy safe, clean, quality products from our stores.”

Can you talk about future Medallion Wellness openings including Merced?

“We are currently in the Tenant Improvement and Construction Phase of the project, but we were approved earlier this year for a storefront in the City of Merced with an anticipated Grand Opening in the very near future. We are excited for the opportunity to grow our company footprint in order to offer the high quality goods and services to reach a greater number of medical patients and customers across the valley. We will be releasing further information to the public at the appropriate time as the project matures.”

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