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A Merced College student walks by the new flagpole centerpiece and sign at the main entrance to the campus along Community College Drive.

College for Kids schedule features outdoor summer classes

This summer, Merced College for Kids (CFK) will offer in-person outdoor classes, as well as virtual classes, and registration is available starting April 9.

Last month, based on new COVID guidelines, Lupe Ramirez, Merced College Community Education Coordinator, put out the word to CFK instructors to let them know if they were scheduled to teach a class virtually, they could change it to a class outdoors in a grassy area with tents, tables, and chairs.

Ramirez told the Times, “We have been planning for the College for Kids program and with COVID, everything has been changing at Merced College, and we’ve been just going semester by semester.

“We started planning for virtual classes at the first of the year, and then we got the okay for some outdoor classes, and with the new guidelines from CDC, we’ve been able to offer more outdoor classes for the college and for College for Kids.

“So in spring, classes were all virtual, but this summer, we’ll be offering some outdoor classes.

“As soon as we would get new information, we would call our great instructors, who have been very flexible.

“We don’t know the future for indoor classes, but as soon as we get more information, we’ll start planning for that.

“We recently released our CFK class brochure to the public but had put it on pause lately because we were adding more outdoor classes.

“We’re making changes with the classes that we’re moving from virtual to in-person.

“On April 9, we will have a digital version of the updated brochure where we added more classes and moved some classes from virtual to in-person, and we will release it on our social media.

“Registration for CFK will resume April 9. Those interested can go online to the digital brochure, and click on the class they want to register for and the “register now” button will take them directly to that class on the registration site.

“Also, there’s an e mail staff that can be reached online at [email protected] or [email protected], and Amber or Lupe will be available to help people with registration.”

In the summer, starting in June, CFK staff will be on campus for people who want to register in person.


What are some amazing, new and returning classes this summer?

“This summer, we have a new class called Tiny Machines, A Study of Viruses. It goes with the whole pandemic experience and will talk about different viruses and how they work in your body.  The teacher is Alex Gonzales, and he’s very excited to teach the class.

“Because we know kids have been indoors and haven’t had a lot of physical activity, our goal this summer is to offer a lot of fitness classes. New classes this summer focusing on fitness are HIIT for

Teens, which is a high-intensity fitness class with cardio activities. We have Kick-boxing and Weight Lifting for kids, and Be A Fit Kid and Be a Fit Tween.

“We are excited that we are bringing Aquatics back this summer. The program has always been very popular because so many people are interested in swimming lessons for their kids, so kids will be back in the pool this summer.

“We are also offering our usual great classes. Some of them are Stranger Danger, Spanish, French, our hands-on science class, a dinosaur class called Dino Discovery, and Nothing But Air, where kids learn about air properties by making paper and foam models of air-propelled objects such as paper airplanes and many more.”

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