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College for Kids highlights young talent with ‘Seussical Jr.’


For this summer’s College for Kids community program at Merced College, local children worked incredibly hard on a production of Seussical Jr., inspired by the many works of the legendary children’s author Dr. Suess. The productions performances took place at the theater on campus throughout last weekend to a number of lucky crowds.

This show boasted an incredibly colorful, creative, and well-crafted set that brought the world of Suess to life. The costumes and performances were no less spectacular; the characters’ personalities were all fully fleshed out and had fantastic outfits to match. Altogether, this show is a lovely showcase of art, education, and community. It was directed by Luanalei Turetzky in partnership with Playhouse Merced.

The many performers responsible for the show: Josiaha King as The Cat in the Hat; Emily Shaw as Boy/JoJo; Brighton Johns as Horton the Elephant; Jesse Marquez as Mr. Mayor; Korra Harrison and Mrs. Mayor; Jordin Irby Rawls as Gertrude McFuzz; Hailey Espinoza as Mayzie La Bird; Kavan Martinez, Josiah Maderos, and Daniel Pena as The Wickerman Brothers; Charla Clinton, Luciana Gonzalez, and Veronica Maderos as the Bird Girls; Sagan Smith as the Sour Kangaroo; Charlie Smith as the Young Kangaroo; Jaylynn Flores as Jidge Yertle the Turtle/Vlad Vladikoff; Riby Shiroma as the Grinch; and Alison Lemos, Audrey Rodriguez, Valerie Shiroma, Aubrey Snyder, and Bria Veenstra as the Ensemble.

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