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John Whitaker

Cinderella’s Closet Opens for Local Teens

The annual Cinderella’s Closet in Merced opened last Sunday for the day. There were more than 400 dresses in stock at the time, and an hour before the closet closed, they had given away more than 30 dresses.

But young ladies, that wasn’t your only chance: The closet will open again at the same time on the following Sundays: March 11, March 18, March 25, and April 8.

Local high school students and junior high school students can come and find prom dresses, shoes and accessories — and it’s all free.

Also, families and businesses can donate prom dresses, shoes and accessories at Merced High School to help support the effort.

Pick up services are available. Call 726-7907 with any questions.

What’s great about Cinderella’s Closet, is that it is run by local high school student leaders.

This year, Morgan Kirby and Megan Westerfield, both of El Capitan High, are leading the effort.

Five years ago, it was Kirby’s older sister and friends who started the prom dress drive here in Merced. So far, the growing effort has given away more than 500 dresses.

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