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Central Valley Stories project launches new ‘zine’ at local gallery


The Central Valley Stories class project at UC Merced hosted the launch of its new zine at the Kreepy Kawaii Gallery space in downtown Merced last Sunday.

Students, educators, and community members all gathered to enjoy food, poetry, and art based on the experiences of those who belong to the Central Valley.

“Kreepy Kawaii has made me feel more at home here in town,” said Dawn Trook, the class instructor. “Even though this town has been amazing to me and I’ve got to do amazing things, now that I have this place, I feel more at home.”

Central Valley Stories was recently added as a spark course at UC Merced that allows students to both explore the arts as well as the stories of the people who love here in the valley. The course culminates in a zine that is full of art and communicates the sentiments and stories of our severely underrepresented community.

Trook was able earn a grant from the university for the course with the intention of combating racism in the valley in order to acquire art supplies as well as properly print their work into magazine at the end. It is a great way for new students, who are likely new to the community, to get some real-world experience in the arts as well as connect with and give back to the community that they will be (or have been) living in.

If you would like to get a copy Central Valley Stories zine you can go to Downtown to Kreepy Kawaii (1742 Canal St.) while supplies last.

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