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The Power of Positive Press

Merced ‘superstars’ help provide entertainment options

There’s always so many things to do in Merced. Often, there are just too many choices. Do we want to go to a concert? A play? A charity fundraiser? Combine two events? Can we arrange schedules so we won’t miss one event so we can attend another? How can that happen in such a “small” city? That’s easy – because we have so many superstars –…

One-man show, CP Lacey promises fun impersonations

CP Lacey, “executioner” at Harlem’s Apollo Theater, is making his second return to the Merced College Theater, located at 3600 M St, Friday, Nov. 15. The event is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m., with opening acts from local artists Cheryl Lockett and Roddy Jackson. CP Lacey, known for his master characters and celebrity tributes, promises…

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