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Captain Bee Yang, war hero, local educator

May 14, 1950 — June 7, 2023

Special services were held for Captain Bee Yang on June 30 in Fresno.

He was honored for his role in the Vietnam War, where he acted as a liaison to the American troops, directed air strikes for US bombers, and helped rescued American pilots.

In 1970, Captain Yang received the Purple Heart for his extraordinary acts of bravery in rescuing General Vang Pao, U.S. pilots and soldiers, while wounded and under enemy fire.

From 1981 to 1985, Captain Yang established an English teaching school in Thailand, providing vital eduction to refugees. After his arrival in the United States, he became an active member of the Laos and Thai communities in this region of the Central Valley, working as a teacher in Tulare for 25 years.

Captain Yang married Cha Vang Yang, and they had eight children and 28 grandchildren.

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