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The Power of Positive Press

Bring Back The Brides And Babies

Years ago, the newspapers ran pictures of Brides and Babies, and they were beautiful and lots of the readers enjoyed them.

Then, as if someone commanded, “There shall be no more Brides and Baby pictures in the newspaper” … all the pictures stopped.

We didn’t say that.

We like them, and for every bride and every baby, there are dozens of family members who bought the newspaper just to see the pictures.

Now we are returning to running pictures of Brides and Babies. Yes, we decided we want them back in our hometown newspaper.

We don’t care about running pictures of criminals, and those who cast a negative light on our community. Why should we hold up those images as if they are something special. They are the worst examples of our community, and since we have a mission of presenting the Power of Positive Press, we don’t want them or their pictures.

Please readers, start sending us your pictures of Brides and Babies again.

We are accepting baby pictures age 0 to 1.

We are not sure we will be able to print them all at once, but we will start printing them again.

We have just started asking people we know who have had births in the family or weddings, and the pictures on this page were the first we received.

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