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Breaking News: Merced City Police Officer tests positive for COVID-19

Officer was in contact with individuals at County Courthouse, DA's Office

Officials with the City of Merced and Merced County have confirmed that a Merced Police Department officer has tested positive for COVID-19. Following the positive test results for the virus, the individual has now been quarantined to their home in Madera.

As of  Thursday evening, the Times has not received an official city press release addressing the matter.

Merced City Manager Steve Carrigan — speaking to the Merced Sun-Star — has noted that other workers who may have been in contact with the public safety employee have been spoken with, and informed, of the proper steps and precautions they should take to protect themselves and those around them.

According to Sheriff Vern Warnke who also spoke to the Sun Star, the police officer was in contact with multiple individuals at the Merced County Courthouse that led to a mistrial in a case. The MPD employee, reportedly, was in contact with individuals at the Merced County District Attorney’s Office.

In accordance with the guidance of the Merced County Department of Public Health, employees are being tested based on the existing recommendations of the department.

Carrigan told the news source the City of Merced is now moving from a Level 3 emergency response to a Level 2 response, bringing in more staff.

For most of the day, the Merced County’s daily status report on the coronavirus crisis  stated that there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Merced County as of Thursday. At 7:30 p.m., the status report had an update that read:

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: As previously reported, a City of Merced employee tested positive for COVID-19. However, since the individual does not live in Merced County, that case does not count toward Merced County’s number of total confirmed. It will count toward the individual’s county of residence.

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