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Boys & Girls Club receives youth advocacy award  

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Merced County has received a Tier 2 Hero  of Youth Award from the national Boys & Girls Clubs of America for their advocacy on behalf of California’s youth.

“Clubs like ours have a unique role as community leaders in providing valuable afterschool programs to our country’s youth that enable them to achieve great futures,” said Rosa Kindred-Winzer, Board President.  “We  are  wholly committed to raising  the  visibility of the needs of our community youth, especially the ones who need us most, and show what we can accomplish with the support of our elected officials and our community.”

For the kids and teens who enter the Club each day, the work Clubs do truly make a difference and transform their lives for the better. Through continued advocacy, the Club aims to prioritize legislative policies including: Youth Workforce Readiness Act, securing additional investments in Trauma-Informed Care supports for youth, continue to increase federal support for 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Youth Mentoring initiatives, and increase accessibility and efficiency of vital meal programs.

Boy & Girls Club advocates are guided by the Agenda for America’s Youth, an advocacy platform outlining the pressing problems facing our nation’s youth as well as solutions that will make the most difference in our young people’s present and future. Boys & Girls Clubs’ advocacy builds upon a commitment to increasing opportunities for all young people by ensuring their voices are heard in communities and at the state and federal level as Boys & Girls Clubs champion policies and solutions that will have the greatest impact on the youth of this country.

“Because of the  steadfast advocacy of leaders like Boys & Girls Club of Merced County, our nation’s youth have access to skills and experiences that can put them on the path to great futures,” said Jim Clark, CEO & President of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “These successes aren’t possible without a strong partnership with elected officials at the local, State and Federal levels. I commend the Boys & Girls Club of Merced County for their tireless work on behalf of their community’s youth  and congratulate them on this much-deserved recognition.”

The  Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s  Club Advocacy Engagement Recognition Program  recognizes the advocacy work Clubs and Alliances do every day, with a major emphasis on impact, creativity and innovation.  The program consists of three tiers for Clubs:  Advocate, Hero and Champion.  Clubs get points for impactful engagements and those points determine what tier a Club  is placed.

“Boys & Girls Clubs champion opportunities for all youth, equipping young people with the experiences and tools they need to succeed,” said See Lee, CEO. “Our advocacy isn’t just a one-day event. We are raising our voices every single day, to ensure top issues and solutions impacting young people are prioritized in our community, our state and at the national level.”

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