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‘Big Rufus’ Sculpture coming to UC Merced

‘Big Rufus’ Sculpture coming to UC Merced
‘Big Rufus’ Sculpture
coming to UC Merced

Later this year, UC Merced will welcome a new sculpture to campus: “Big Rufus” by Dan Medina.

Depicting UC Merced’s mascot, Medina’s bronze bobcat stands on three rectangular pillars ranging from 7 to 10 feet tall, bringing the height of the entire sculpture to a staggering 16 feet.

This monumental work will be placed in the University Plaza at the entrance to campus to welcome all to the university, and it will serve the campus as a landmark location for new traditions and celebrations. This installation joins the UC Merced campus as its second bronze bobcat sculpture, following Alan H. Hwami’s On Edge, commissioned by the Class of ’07 and located at the crest of Scholar’s Lane Bridge.

The bobcat stands on three pillars, with four sides to each pillar – the first pillar, where the bobcat rests its front paws, will be engraved with “The University of California, Merced.” On the second and third pillars, each side will be engraved with words that are significant to the UC Merced campus and community. A poll is currently being held on campus, asking students, staff and faculty members what that think those words should be.

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