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Merced ‘superstars’ help provide entertainment options

There’s always so many things to do in Merced. Often, there are just too many choices. Do we want to go to a concert? A play? A charity fundraiser? Combine two events? Can we arrange schedules so we won’t miss one event so we can attend another? How can that happen in such a “small” city? That’s easy – because we have so many superstars –…

Historic Merced Theatre marquee goes digital

If you have some free time, pop downtown to take a peek at “Times Square” in Merced. Installation of the Merced Theatre’s new totally digital marquee — in color and with full video — was underway at the start of this week. It should be fully operational as you read this. There are five separate panels, each computer controlled that can…

Here comes the sun… Smiles returning to our faces

Now that the rain is really done until fall … or is it? There was more than two inches of rain in May 2019. From 2016 to 2018, the average for May was .05 inches. The all-time average is 4 tenths of an inch. In any event, there are some excellent opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Too late for this year, but the annual…

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