Merced County Times Newspaper
The Power of Positive Press

From dropout to UCM grad, Barragan says he’s just begun

The most inspirational candidate story going into the March 3 Primary Election might just be the one about Angel Barragan’s life. The 39-year-old Mercedian is the Dean of Students at Stone Ridge Christian School, a part-time pastor at Yosemite Church and a married father of three children. He’s running as a candidate for the District 2 seat…

‘City on the Rise’ began to take shape in 2019

You could say Mayor Mike Murphy set the tone for Merced in 2019 during his State of the City speech at the start of the year. Murphy called for a renewed, priority focus on homelessness, and he announced the long-awaited transformation of the city’s downtown would come into view. And you could say the city witnessed results on both fronts.…

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