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Atwater High Ag Teacher Recognized With State Award

Atwater High School’s agriculture instructor and FFA advisor Kayvlyn Davenport
Atwater High School’s agriculture instructor and FFA advisor Kayvlyn Davenport.

By Eryka Lepper

Atwater FFA Reporter

Merced Union High School District and Atwater High School’s agriculture instructor and FFA advisor Kayvlyn Davenport was recognized by the California Agricultural Teachers’ Association (CATA) with the “2019 Outstanding Young Teacher” award during a recent conference and awards ceremony held at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

The award recognizes an outstanding young teacher (5-7 years of service) for their participation and leadership in civic, community, agriculture. agribusiness, and professional activities.

Kaylyn Davenport’s father Phil Schiber was a former Atwater High School agriculture instructor when Kaylyn was a child. She grew up influenced by his passion for the job and his working with students. This inspired her at a young age to follow in his footsteps. She attended Atwater High School as a student and was a very involved agriculture and FFA student. As an agriculture teacher at Atwater High School, Kaylyn has focused on building and expanding the school’s floral program. She has coached three state champion FFA  judging teams including a national  championship.

Kaylyn’s future goals are to expand student Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE’s) opportunities which is a component of the agriculture education 3-circle model of classroom/lab, leadership, and hands-on application of skills (SAE’s) in an agriculture skill areas.

Kaylyn’s advice to new teachers is to “ask  questions”! She appreciates the California  Agriculture Teachers’ Association for their  encouragement towards collaboration and mentoring among colleagues. “Utilizing  the experience and wisdom of experienced teachers creates a culture of growth,” says Davenport. “I enjoy the opportunity to work with my coworkers and create a culture of making a positive impact on our students.”

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