Merced County Times Newspaper
The Power of Positive Press

A Sign Before The Times

"I used to own the place where you work," said the man at the Atwater Restore Store. "I am sorry you must be mistaken," I replied. “I know the complete history of the place where I have worked as a newspaperman for so many years. It was once a church — the First Presbyterian Church of Winton — and it was originally built in 1918 with the…

Madeleine Kirby Davenport Lorenzi

Surrounded by her beloved family, Madeleine Kirby Davenport Lorenzi passed away peacefully on Aug. 22, 2021, when heaven gained its most beautiful angel. She was 84. “Madeleine was a very kind, generous and giving person who was always there to help friends and loved ones,” said E.J. Lorenzi, her husband of 18 years. “Anyone who…

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