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Are We Ready To Accept Afghans In Our Town?

John Derby
Times Publisher John Derby

The last figure we saw was over 65,000 Afghans were being flown out of Afghanistan to somewhere; however, it did not say where.

Are we willing to have some of them live in our town?

Many of us are Christian, God-fearing people. The right thing to do is to welcome them into our community and our homes.

After all, they were there for the United States of America when U.S. troops needed help in their country. Now, with their country overrun by Taliban, there is no refuge for them.

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. It will be surprising if other nations welcome them with open arms. You can’t just pick them up in planes and drop them nowhere. The president says it was the right decision to leave and we agree.

Our government just does not remember its history.

We came to Afghanistan after the Russians got their butts kicked.

We did the same thing in Vietnam. We went into Vietnam after the French got their butts kicked. We got our butts kicked, plus a lot of young men and women killed. For what?

Here we are again wondering why so many of our men and women had to die when Afghanistan was a foregone conclusion.

Since the days of the Mongols this land had always been at war.

The Middle East is also a land which has always been at war. What are we trying to do there?

We shouldn’t have a military presence there just for the sake of oil.

We have plenty of oil. That has never been our problem.

Our problem now is how to deal with the consequences of the 20-year War in Afghanistan and all the desperate refugees fleeing to safety. In this case, we really don’t have any other choice but to welcome them to U.S. soil.

Where are the classes on learning to speak Dari and Pashto being held?

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