Why Not Harvest The Fruit That Ends Up Falling To The Ground?

Times Publisher John Derby

The subject came up after a church service recently when a young man asked: “Why don’t churches plant fruit trees on their property and harvest the fruit for the needy?”

Then on the way to the parking lot, another church member asked: “Would you like some oranges which came from some trees not being harvested?”

Our yard has three ornamental citrus trees: a grapefruit, a lemon and an orange. The fruit falls off the trees and sits in the yard until someone feels like picking them up. “Why would anyone plant such things?”

The last time we moved from one house to another, we left behind the most wonderful tasting fruit imaginable: a ruby red grapefruit which bore fruit all year long as long as it was left on the tree, and a seedless Mandarin orange which would melt in your mouth.

There was also the Granny Smith apple which we planted in the front yard the year we bought the house, and the Fuji apple and Pear apple which came later.

Two Pecan trees which belonged to the neighbor, gave us all the Pecan nuts we wanted, but the pride and joy was a Bing cherry which produced the most wonderful fruit. It was left from a previous owner and all our relatives would offer to bring their kids to our house when the tree was ready to harvest.

This was a regular city lot, but it had plenty of room for these trees and the pleasure they brought.

Now we live in a Garden of Eden here in our valley which can produce almost anything which does not freeze in the winter. It produces such an abundance, much more than one family could possibly eat.

Somehow there needs to be an organization which will gather the information on who has fruit which needs to be harvested. Then the names of volunteers who would be willing to harvest it for the needy. Maybe that organization would be the churches, as otherwise there might be security concerns with allowing people on private property.

In God’s name this certainly can be done. We already have organizations like the Food Bank for distributing of such fruit once it is harvested.

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