Wedding Bells Are Ringing All Over This World

John Derby

We are in a different country; in a different world.

We are attending the wedding of our grand niece who is marrying a man who was born in Colombia, South America.

More than 50 people related to the bride or groom have converged on the town of Medellin, Columbia for the wedding. Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia, after Bogota. It’s nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” for its temperate weather and wonderful scenic views. It’s also linked to the notorious drug cartel of the same name that was founded by Pablo Escobar.

Many of us have never been here, or even in South America, and it is totally different than the one which we assumed from the impression which the media gives. This is a modern advanced society, teaming with tourists and young people on the go.

In our case, many of the people attending the wedding live in both the United States and Colombia. Why not, when the airfare from San Francisco is only $431 round trip, and flying from Denver only takes 8 hours.

Most of the wedding guests speak some English and Spanish.

The scenery is semi-mountainous and known for producing the world’s best coffee. Shimming lakes abound and pontoon boats carry tourists into hidden corners where it is impossible to reach by road.

While this wedding is taking place in Colombia, our family is involved in the planning of another wedding in Chico, California in June, and this involves the granddaughter of the author.

Both weddings are thousands of miles apart; however, there are many similarities.

Both brides are involved in last-minute fittings of wedding dresses. Dress rehearsals are taking place and honeymoons are being planned.

It is as if Covid put a hold on weddings for a year or two, and now the wedding flood gates have opened.

Getting married is like a new beginning.

We make a toast to all the brides and grooms of the world.

From Ship to ShoreJohn Derby
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