We Are At War Today Just As We Were In World War II

Times Publisher John Derby

We do not know what it was like during World War II, only what we read in books; however, today must have many comparisons.

First of all, the war went on and on and on.

This country needed workers and the conditions were often difficult. People volunteered and made sacrifices.

There were shortages and prices were high, with many things not available at all. Hospitals were full. There was many injured, and families read their mail as it was in many cases a notice of a family member or friend who died.

There was an all-out call for help. Factories were changed to fight the battle (then guns and ammo and now ventilators).

Many mothers with young children at home were called to work without a husband at home to help out.

We were a church-going people and more people prayed. They prayed that a loved one would not be lost in the battle.

We learned to help and hold each other, and share the pain of losing a member of the family. Many of us knew the pain firsthand.

We read the news in the newspapers then, now on TV, and radio as well. We wanted to know what was going on in the battlefront.

At first we lost many battles, and many men died, and the country mourned in unision.

However, little by little, the news got better. There were setbacks but things got better as we learned about our enemy, and found that the enemy could be beaten.

If we all teamed together … and we did.

We did what was necessary to survive.

We volunteered. We did without. We did things for the good of the country.

And we won that war … as we shall win this war against COVID-19.

It is going to take all of us in a united front.

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