Riverdance Farms celebrates 20 years of festivals


Families eager to enjoy a traditional berry picking experience gathered at Riverdance Farms outside of Livingston last weekend to celebrate 20 years of Pick and Gather Festivals. Visitors were welcomed to enjoy all that the farm’s 72 acres has to offer.

The festival featured a petting zoo, food trucks, artisan vendors, hay rides, nature walks, and musical performances. The highlight was, of course, the picking and gathering. Guests made their way through the lines of blueberries and cherry trees, harvesting their own fruit to purchase. A unique feature of the festival was the option to camp on the farm itself, where campers could also enjoy the adjoining Merced River, in between festivities.

“The festival is a celebration of community and culture, bringing together people from all walks of life to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the farm,” said event organizer Melissa Been. She shared that the festival was enjoying a renewed energy following the universal lull that accompanied the pandemic.

The Pick and Gather Festival will be returning in the Fall for the corresponding harvest, and can be expected to take place at the end of October or beginning of November — it all depends on the trees.

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