Mr. President: It’s About Time To Get People Back To Work

Times Publisher John Derby

There was a time when COVID-19 was at its peak and businesses were shutting their doors at a rapid pace. Paying people a bonus when they lost their job was the right thing to do. However, things have changed, and businesses are opening up again, but there are no workers.

We write specially because the sit-down restaurant businesses cannot find the help they need to operate. The trucking business have also been hit very hard, needing truck drivers to move goods across the country.

In many cases, we find the non-workers are making more money sitting at home than employees who have jobs and have worked during the pandemic.

Something is wrong here.

Perhaps we need to pay people an incentive if they come back to work. The truth is that many people who have received government handouts have no business receiving them.

We are not blaming big government; however, it is time to stop and get people back to work. These workers are needed to bring this economy back up to full steam.

The small independent businesses are being hard hit. Many of those employed have been doing the job of two people just to survive the pandemic.

In some cases, the business did not survive. There are many new businesses starting up which need workers, but are having trouble finding them.

A bright star in the Back To Work Program is our young people, who have started to fill the tasks which need to be done.

Once people get used to living off government payments, it is hard to get them up and back to work. Why should they?

Now we need them, badly. Too many people have become non-workers. They pretend that they are looking for work; however, they are really not interested, even when the job opportunity is right there in front of them.

We understand that this country has been in the throws of a very serious pandemic, and it is not over yet; however, there is another sickness which has taken over the country.

It is called LAZINESS.

We need to hear something from our president, and it needs to be “Get Back To Work, The Country Needs You!”

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