Merced SPCA reports on recent activities around town

Merced SPCA volunteers continue to ‘TNR’ feral felines on the streets, but they need support.

Editor’s note: The following is from the most recent Merced SPCA Newsletter.


Our volunteers spayed, neutered, vaccinated and chipped more than 12 homeless cats in November. We were able to place three kitties in loving foster homes waiting for adoption. Additionally, we found wonderful forever homes for three.

This has been a very hard month for Merced SPCA. The local vet we have dealt with for years just discontinued the drop-off protocol of TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release). Now, we must make appointments for kitties we’ve trapped for TNR. It’s impossible to know if you’re going to trap a kitty or not. They are booking appointments 45 days out which continues to increase our challenges in this dilemma.

We are currently communicating with other vets and they’re working with us in the “drop off the day of trapping” protocol. Unfortunately, they cannot give us a discount so we’re paying three times as much as we were previously. We are continuing to TNR all feral felines that we can including vaccinations and chipping.

Our wonderful feeders who make sure our colonies are loved, fed and well taken care of, to the best of our abilities, are stretched every day.

Our fosters are amazing. Our TNR volunteers work hard and relentlessly. Believe us, there’s no way we could continue without each of these amazing, devoted volunteers. We desperately need more colony caretakers, more fosters, more volunteers to TNR! Please consider what you can do in helping to save these innocent cats’ lives.

Sadly this month, we have helped families with their beloved pets in crossing over the rainbow bridge by scheduling the appointment so they don’t have to do that part of it. We also provided them with some financial support during their loss. We recently helped, financially, to spay and neuter two puppies due to the owner’s recent loss of employment.

This is some of what we do month-to-month with the support of our wonderful volunteers, sponsors and SPCA members.
Our local chapter hopes to increase our TNR, fostering and awareness programs but we are in desperate need of volunteers and financial support.

Over the last 24 months, we have TNR’d over 800 homeless abused cats, provided medical treatment for over 102, found loving homes for over 59 and sadly had to put to sleep 63 kitties due to injuries or devastating illnesses.

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