Discover the great pumpkins at Dutch Hollow Farms


Farmer John Bos of Dutch Hollow Farms is celebrating his 13th year selling pumpkins and providing family entertainment to all who visit his farm. Dutch Hollow Farms, located at 5101 Oakdale Road, sits right across the street from Riverbank Crossroads in Riverbank.

A selection of pumpkins — big, small, green, orange, and yellow — welcome you in as hay bales, tractors, and spaces for photo-ops invite you to keep going.

An old school bus painted by local Livingston artist, Joel Aguilar, showcases the farms name. It’s parked in one corner of the pumpkin patch. The bus, decorated with sunflowers, pumpkins, and a cornfield, is just one of the newest features Bos has added to his farm in hopes of creating a safer, education-led, and inclusive experience for anyone who visits his farm.

“Absolutely, 100 percent, one of the things we wanted to do with the farm is to bridge the gap between farming and community,” he said. “We felt such a huge disconnect from people coming in, I just couldn’t believe it!”

Ducks, turkeys, geese, chickens, pigs, horses, ghosts, sheep, alpacas, and cows are housed on the farm — and for a small fee — available for the public to see and interact with.

Fact posters surround the cage pins of each animal, educating onlookers on the names of animals at different levels of maturity and interesting “Did You Know?” facts.

In recent years, the pumpkin patch has also added new additions including a zip-line, bounce platform, human hamster wheel races, petting zoo, hay ride, corn sandbox, and a corn maze are also available for family entertainment.

The corn maze, dedicated to the late Corporal Ronil Singh of Newman, who was killed in the line of duty last December, was laid out to embody the late police officer. Two paths divide the maze: a .3-mile maze constructed for kids and a whopping 3-mile journey laid out for anyone who dares to enter the 10-acre field.

Bos, once famous for selling 100-pound pumpkins, has been in business since 2005 and provides farming entertainment almost all year-round.

In the spring, his farm is overtaken by tulips and open to the public for viewing. Right after, baby animals are born, Dutch Hollows hosts its “Animal Baby Days” showcasing baby animals of all species.

As for next year, Bos promises even bigger and better things.

“There’s always a need for more. And we can do more … all while keeping it affordable,” he said.

Dutch Hollow Farms is open daily from 9 a.m through 7 p.m., through October.

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