Congrats To Newest CASA Volunteers

Congrats To Newest CASA Volunteers

The Court Appointed Special Advocates of Merced County group celebrated the combined swearing-in ceremony for Class 45 and Class 46 this week.

A CASA volunteer is a trained community citizen who advocates for the best interest of children in the foster care system. Currently, there are over 700 children in foster care, so the need for more amazing volunteers has grown significantly.

The names of the advocates and judge in the picture are as follows:

Top Row: Cheryl Hallman (Class 45) and  Beverly Hallman (Class 46)

Middle Row: Joanna Grimes (Class 46), Judge Donald Proietti, Elisa Hurena (Class 46)

Bottom Row: Geneva Roja (Class 45) and Leo Niehorster-Cook (Class 45)


If you would like to get involved in your community and help a deserving child, call CASA at 209-722-2272 or visit online at

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