Atwater celebrates Ochoa-Jantz Insurance Agency


There’s a new business woman downtown, and Nereida Ochoa-Jantz is her name.

Ochoa-Jantz celebrated the official ribbon cutting of her Farmers Insurance office — Ochoa-Jantz Insurance Agency — on May 5 at her office in downtown Atwater at 1214 3rd St.

Ochoa-Jantz was surrounded by family, friends, the Atwater Chamber of Commerce, Merced’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, local politicians, Mayor Paul Creighton, and officers from the California Highway Patrol as she took the stage to thank everyone in attendance.

“I am so thankful for so many of you who have been with me every step of the way so that this day would finally come,” she said, “I am now the proud owner of the Ochoa-Jantz Farmers Insurance Agency.”

Ochoa-Jantz has been a strong advocate for the communities of Atwater and Merced. She is an active member of the Atwater Chamber of Commerce, serving as their secretary for a number of years. Through the Chamber of Commerce, she has helped plan parades, festivals, and aid in the economic growth and development of the City of Atwater.

She was named one of the Latina Women of the Year last year by Merced’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and was a strong backbone in getting the “Start Smart,” a safe-driving presentation for teenagers put on by the California Highway Patrol, into local high schools.

Merced County Supervisor Rodrigo Espinoza was in attendance as master of ceremonies as the event began. Also, Merced County Supervisor Daron McDaniel took the stage to thank and present Ochoa-Jantz with her first certificate.

“I know that these are uncertain times,” McDaniel began, “but the fact that you have contributed to the Atwater economic vitality — I just wanna say as an entrepreneur myself — I know how nerve-wrecking it is, but I appreciate it, and it is in our blood. We can’t help it. … So on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, I want to congratulate you for taking the steps. You will be helping the rest of the city by doing this.”

Louis Farley, director at large for the Atwater Chamber, presented Ochoa-Jantz with a certificate honoring her work for the city.

“We would like to thank you for your contributions to the effort and vitality of our area and for the outstanding customer service you provide,” Farley said as she thanked and congratulated her.

“Nereida has been working with the California Highway Patrol for the last three years,” CHP Officer Eric C. Zuniga said. “We have a program called Start Smart, and it’s targeted towards youth driving. She has been very influential and has helped us so much trying to get into high schools. Before COVID, we were averaging 500 kids, which to us is very important.”

Zuniga hugged Ochoa-Jantz as the crowd clapped her on.

“I am truly honored to each and every one of you who have taken time out of your busy schedule to come out here today in support of this special occasion,” she said. “My staff, family, and I have worked very long hours to share the excitement of this ribbon cutting with you today. Your presence here today is both humbling and exciting.”

Her family quickly surrounded her as the ribbon cutting proceeded. Ochoa-Jantz was first given the enormous pair of wooden Atwater Chamber scissors for pictures and then presented with a pair of real scissors.

She cut the ribbon while both her daughters, parents, and family stood by her side.

“We look forward to the relationship of our community for years to come and also the continued ‘positive progress’ that you have with our high schools and our community,” Mayor Creighton said. “Your family, the progress your husband has brought to our police force … He’s given his all to us. This family has walked the walk and talked the talk. They’ve given back to this community and will continue to give back by opening this agency up.

The ribbon cutting was followed up with a reception across the street at Taste of Tequila with tacos, drinks, Mexican candy, desserts, and a raffle.

For any insurance information, you can contact Nereida at her new office at 1214 3rd St in Atwater, or call her at (209) 276-0377.

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