Arts Center shows off ‘Community Spirit’


The work of creative Mercedians is on full display in the “Community Spirit” exhibition at the Multicultural Arts Center (MAC) in downtown Merced. However, there’s only a few days left to see the show. It ends this Sunday, Sept. 11.

Community Spirit features more than 200 artworks from dozens of artists throughout the area, giving residents an opportunity to take in an array of mediums.

With so many artworks adorning the MAC, residents have a good chance to find a piece that speaks to their personal aesthetic. They also have the opportunity to support the arts at a local level. Many of the pieces on display throughout the show are available for purchase.

As part of the show, a number of awards were given out to participants in their respective categories of Youth, Newbie Adults, and Advanced Adults.

In the Youth category, Best of Show went to Emma Herrera for “Hills of Hornitos.” First Place went to Elliotte Ney of Atwater for “Imposter.” The Curating Pick went to Isabella Hofschneider of Merced for “Landmark.” Awards of Merit went to Merced’s Claire Eckman for “Crazy Person” and Diana Naserkhaki for “The Starry Night Twin.” The Grades O-K Champ when to Olive Wells for “Beaut Beautiful.”

In the Newbie Adults category, Best in Show went to Merced’s Paul Gasaway for “Stormy Bae.” First Place went to Azar Alizadeh of Merced for “A Door to Heaven.” Curating Pick went to Merced’s Michael Cooper for “Bear Waterfall.” Awards of Merit went to Kelly Lowe for “Eternal Frequency” and Nothin Speshal for “Molly.”

In the Advanced Adults category, the Best in Show went to Merced’s Adrian Herrera for “Phone, Keys, Wallet.” First Place went to Brenn Sanford’s “Muir Woods Stream.” The Curating Pick went to Mariposa’s Hannelore Fischer for “Three Women Walking.” Awards of Merit went to Merced’s Makalynn Christman for “Mud Man” and Alyssa Stanghellini for “Ascension.”

Guest judges for the competition portion of the exhibition included Vicki Reid, Wendy Bright, and Jim Kocher with the show’s curation being handled by Katt Szyndler & Tonia Hemme. During the exhibition’s reception residents were treated to goodie bags by the Merced Symphony, gift cards from Trevinos Restaurant & The Mainzer, and entertainment by Marcy Poe & Candice Lamb.

Those who would like to view the “Community Spirits” exhibition art work in-person can do so through Sept. 11. The Merced Arts Center is located at 645 West Main Street in Downtown Merced. Currently the galleries are open to the public Wednesday through Friday from 2PM until 8PM, on Saturday from 11AM until 6PM, and on Sunday from 11AM until 4PM. Call the MAC at (209) 388-1090.

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