A remarkable rise from Leo to Lion

Linda Chang, 27, will be installed as president of the Merced Breakfast Lions Club on Thursday, June 16.

Linda Chang, a Merced resident and active community member, will be installed as the Merced Breakfast Lions Club’s newest President on Thursday, June 16.

It’s been a remarkable rise to leadership for the 27-year-old Chang. She was born and raised in Merced, the daughter of Laotian immigrants who came to America as an escape from the Vietnam War. She excelled in school and became active in the Leo Club at Merced High, though she was not very outspoken at first.

“Linda is very atypical,” says Gary Eno, a member of the Lions Club.

Eno was an advisor to the Leo Club at the same time Chang was attending high school.

“She was probably a freshman when I met her,” he recalls. “She didn’t say much at the meetings, but that was partly because her older sisters were involved in the club. Of course she wasn’t going to say anything, this was their reign. But as soon as they left the club, then she suddenly became the club Secretary.”

Eno adds, “It was like a flower growing. You put a little bit of water, a little bit of fertilizer, and suddenly, you have this gorgeous flower. That is how Linda developed. And she did everything. She kept that commitment to community service throughout her high school years, and when she went off to UC Merced, she became the founding president of the Omega Club at the university.”

Today, after more than a decade devoted to community service, some of Changs accomplishments include Merced High Leo Club President, California Lion District MD-4 State Leo of the Year, Founding UC Merced Omega Leo Club President, and the Merced Breakfast Lions Club 3rd to 1st Vice President.

Chang currently works in Facilities at UC Merced and is excited to be installed as the Lions Clubs newest president.

“I’m excited for the presidency term,” Chang told the Times. “I do get nervous because I don’t know how I’ll do, and how I’ll lead the group, but I’m getting out of my comfort zone, facing and growing from this.”

Chang will takes over the duties of the Lions Club’s current president, Susan Newman.

Some of the projects include high school and college scholarship donations, and partnerships with Merced’s Kids Discovery Station, the Youth Sports Complex, and the Merced High School Sports Pavilion.

The Merced Breakfast Lions Club, which has existed in Merced since 1954, has contributed to countless community efforts through the hard work of its members and with the vision of “Serving the greater Merced community through local projects.”

For more information on the Merced Breakfast Lions Club, you can visit the website: mercedlions.squarespace.com.

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