A chance encounter with a G Street shooter in Merced

Bob Quall is a two-time United States Tennis Association national champion, and a former Merced County Superior Court judge. You can email him with comments or suggestions at: robertquall@comcast.net.

Editor’s Note: Times contributor Robert Quall sent this column into the newspaper on Nov. 21.

Remember when I was going to get a bullet proof car to avoid cars that ran red lights?

Forget the red light violators, but keep the bullet proof car!

At 12:30 this afternoon,  I was driving down G Street, after crossing Bear Creek.  I had gone about a block when I saw a large man dressed all in black pull out what looked like a Glock pistol and fired a shot across the street at a stopped car!

Trouble was, I was about 30 yards from this dude, on his side of the road, and was very concerned that he might 90 degree angle that pistol and put a hole through the windshield of my freshly washed car.  He appeared to be one mean son of a gun.

I hit the pedal, and drove a quarter mile down the road, pulled over and called 911 describing what happened.  I then went back to the area where I saw the shot fired.  There were 6 to 8 persons in the road, all having seen something of the shooting.  The first man I talked to told me that he saw and heard the shooting, saw the shooter  get back in a car and pass through the intersection in front of him.  He jumped in his vehicle and caught up to the car, close enough to remember the license number.

I offered my advice that he could have been shot, but the deed already was done and the cops had the license  number.  Several squad cars arrived moments later but the perp was long gone.  Evidently, the shooter had previously smashed out the side  window of the intended victims car with the butt end of a knife.

This guy that fired the gun was huge, dressed in black, and deadly serious.  Fortunately, he missed hitting anyone.

When I was a prosecutor, we would have charged him with attempted murder.  In California,  if they have catch and release, he will be on the street the next day, if not in hours.  I assume he won’t get his gun back.

As of this writing at four this afternoon, he hadn’t been caught but he will be.

G street  is where the action is!

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