$4.2 million grant program to support artists in region

The Heartland Creative Corps intends to support art by individual artists and organizations in Merced, Stanislaus and Tuolumne counties with a $4.2 million program to increase the awareness and power of the arts within communities.

The United Way of Merced County is the administering organization, and the Merced County Arts Council will serve as a primary partner, service provider and communication conduit for Merced County.

California Creative Corps was developed by the California Arts Council in partnership with the State legislature. California Creative Corps is an economic and workforce recovery pilot program intended to support pandemic recovery and the environmental, civic and social engagement of California’s most disproportionally impacted communities. Using a variety of art forms, including visual, performing, and traditional arts, artists will advance positive community outcomes by creating locally focused, contextually and culturally sensitive public messaging and work.

Applicants will be able to access an online portal between February – April with funding decisions to be made in May for Phase 1 and July for Phase 2. Projects must be completed no later than June 2024.

Individuals or organizations who are interested in applying for funding underneath the program can engage with it through www.heartlandcreativecorps.org.

For more details about the program, please visit www.artsmerced.org/grants or email Executive Director Colton Dennis at director@artsmerced.org or by calling (209) 388-1090.

Any further questions can be directed to Robert Hypes or Janet Kasper via email: info@heartlandcreativecorps.org, phone: 209-383-4242, or at United Way of Merced County’s Office Building: 531 W Main Street Merced, CA 95340.

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