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Airline pilot Molly Flanagan-Littlefield retires after 40 years

Capt. Molly Flanagan-Littlefield, originally from Merced, has retired as a pilot for United Airlines after 40 years of service.

Forty pilots flew into her hometown of Kent, Washington to help her celebrate the event. There were 250 people who attended, and the celebration lasted well into the night.

She lives adjacent to a landing strip, in an aviation neighborhood where some homes have their own airplane hangars. The party was held inside one of those hangars

At the time she was hired there were only 23 female pilots working for United Airlines. Many of the people who attended her retirement ceremony were members of her flight crews during the past 40 years and had become personal friends.

Capt. Lawrence Ellis officiated the ceremony along with many friends and family members. A big turnout made the trip from Merced to Washington. They included Kay Flanagan, Brett Spinelli, Kelly Priest, Jackie Flanagan, Dan Flanagan, Peggy Flanagan-Priest and Terry Priest.

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