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Abracadabra: Downtown Shop Suddenly Reappears


A new year is always a great time for change and an even better time for a grand reopening.

With a little over a year in its location, Abracadabra in Downtown Merced celebrated its official grand re-opening last Friday, Jan. 7, at its location, 1731 Canal St.

“I was super happy seeing people coming in, especially those that I don’t see all the time,” said Sarah Macias, owner of Abracadabra. “It was crazy and consistent but it was so good. I am so happy with the way everything turned out.”

At the event, Abracadabra hosted vendors Morning Wood, Mountain Magic Goods, Creepy BB Boutique, and highlighted its in-store vendors; the Sad Babes Club, the Plant Peddlers, and the Post Mortem.

The oddities shop is known as a staple for many residents who shop downtown and are on the lookout for crystals, horror movie merchandise, hand selected thrifted and vintage clothing, tarot, and everything in between. You never know what you are going to find at this treasured spot.

Up until the beginning of December, the space also hosted local artist Patricia Pratt’s studio and shop, Kreepy Kawaii, which has now moved right across the street from Abracadabra.

“Patty and I had a lot of ideas when we first had the idea to co-mingle in our businesses and I think both of us are now at the point where we can continue on our own journey,” Macias said of the change. “We made it through Covid and were very helpful to one another during that time-and now I feel confident that I can go forward with hosting classes, events, and bringing different things to my shop that will give people something to do.”

She continued by emphasizing the importance in having a safe space where locals can participate in informational classes and interactive workshops that can better their future, peak their interests, and can even introduce them to things they have never seen or heard before.

“We’re working on hosting taxidermy classes,” she continued. “My best friends a taxidermist and she is putting some stuff together. I would also love to do other things that you don’t usually see-things that are educational, fun, and just a variety of things.”

A bright orange mural adorns the opening wall to the shop, local artist Anem Garduño was commissioned to create a beautiful image of a woman, her hair flowing and decorated with flowers, her head beaming with gold halos surrounding her, and the Abracadabra logo painted on top in a groovy 70s font.

The mural is one of the most recent additions to the shop and the perfect place for visitors to snap a picture after shopping around.

“I feel so grateful for the community that supports my shop,” She concluded emotionally. “I love doing this. I legitimately feel grateful to people because this is my dream but it wouldn’t be real for me if people didn’t support it and people didn’t enjoy my dream. It’s very fulfilling for me and I’m super thankful people dig my work!”


Abracadabra is open Tuesdays through Thursday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. For more information on in-store vending opportunities you can message Sarah directly though her Instagram @xx._abracadabra_.xx or email her at [email protected]

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