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A Prayer For Rain

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am a member of the Merced community. Last year many of us prayed for rain. Though our prayer was answered with abundant rain and snow, all the experts tell us that the state is still in a drought cycle and more rain is critical.

We have had 2.3 inches of rain this season when the normal average is 7.8 inches. Many are concerned about the impact of the drought on central valley farm related jobs and the ensuing rise in unemployment, which will be bad for all of us.

Some organizations supporting farming encourage people to “pray for rain.” When people say “pray for rain” it helps to have a prayer to say.

So below is a prayer for rain that you can pray to ask God’s help.

Great Holy God, King of the Universe, our Father, we are your people, your servants. Look with compassion and pity upon us and our parched fields. Do not deliver us to the devastation of drought. You are the source of all good things, and all holiness, without you we have nothing .  Forgive our sins, arrogance, and injustice, and show us your kindness. We were reduced O Lord to the verge of poverty, hunger, and suffering by the lack of rain and snow in our land. You answered our prayer last year with abundant rain. With contrite heart and humble spirit we beg you to show your mercy again, and grant us water to yield a bountiful harvest. We dedicate ourselves to you and vow to obey you. We put our trust and hope in you. Do not let us suffer drought but grant us water as you did to your chosen people at Meriba. Deal with us in your kindness and great mercy.   Hear the cry of your people and bring glory to your name, O Lord. We ask you this in the name of Jesus the Christ our Lord. Amen.

If you do not like this prayer, change it or make your own, but pray for rain.

Michael Belluomini,
Merced resident,
and member of the
Merced City Council
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