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‘A Christmas Adventure’ Returns For 22nd Annual Production


A/BC Productions dazzled audiences with theatrical skills and holiday spirit during the 22nd annual performance of “A Christmas Adventure” at the historic Bloss Mansion in Atwater last weekend.

The show was an interactive adaptation of the Charles Dickens’ literary classic A Christmas Carol, and was directed by Julianne Aguilar with the support of the Atwater Historical Society, Atwater High School and Buhach Colony High School.

Likely the most impressive aspect of this production was the use of the property as well as the era appropriate costumes. Every part of the property was used to it fullest, the show even began before you even step foot on it, as you are greeted by cast members clad in impeccable costumes and fully in character upon arrival.

In each tour group a few lucky attendees are selected for various jobs and roles, even including special lines and choreography, which elevated this already entertaining experience. In order to reach as many community members as possible, this production has even added bilingual shows for those who speak Spanish.

“It was really cool to do the play in English, but it was even more special to do the play in Spanish so that my parents could come and understand and enjoy the play,” said Adrian Navarro, an AHS student actor who was cast as Fed.

Although this show has been running since 1996, the script and production is a constantly changing work-in-progress — it took them over a decade in order to find the right timing of the various room and scene changes. Some years the show can be a wholly traditional take on the tale, whereas some can take the form of a comedy, or even game show. This is all done to keep the show fresh and makes it extra fun for those who come year after year.

Another notable aspect of this production is the fact that the cast almost entirely consists of youth actors from either Atwater High as well as Buhach Colony High. This is a highly technical production because of all the moving parts and necessary coordination, and the students clearly put in the work to make it work wonderfully.

“Its really fun to work with such different students,” said Aguilar, the director. “Students who have been in many plays, non-theatre students who have never been in a play, AP students, resources students, athletes, band students, artists, AHS students, BCHS students. All sorts of students coming together to tell this story.”

Kayce Weathers, an AHS senior who has performed in this production multiple years, said: “A Christmas Adventure is a magical experience that truly creates Christmas spirit in the community of Atwater.

“For years I had gone to see the play with my family to watch my grandpa as Scrooge. It had become an unforgettable family tradition I looked forward to every year. Now through my years of high school, I get to experience actually being in the play after admiring the students years before that performed. This experience and the feeling of excitement and nervousness when waiting to perform for my family makes the tradition that much more special.”

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